Proudly Aussie made right here in Byron Bay. Our larger than life, A3 Mould and Deckles, are made locally from sustainably grown Red Cedar. Why Red Cedar, well it likes water, just like the Maxi yachts, and is the start of making your paper. Our kits are a quality product, made to last, far greater than cheaper options.

Your A3 sizing of paper you will make is 30x42 cm.

There are two supports on the back of the Mould to assist with pulling the large paper and couching cleanly.

With strong Industrial PVC coated mesh that makes the pulled paper sheet come away easily, pulled tight across your frame.

This A3 is for those who have played with making paper, and ready to make some larger sheets.

Please allow 3 working days for item to be dispatched.

Of course, you will need a larger tub or vat for your pulp to fit in the Mould and Deckle.

The Mould and Deckles also come in A4 and A5 and C6 envelope.

For tips and ideas about making great sheets of paper, head to our Blog page or Instagram TV page.

A3 Red Cedar Mould and Deckle