Just a taste of something simple. Free samples posted to you.

Wedding Invitation - and this range showcases the beauty of natural tone of handmade paper, and can be made in any colour choice you have.

If this colour is what you want, this handmade paper has touches of grasses   through the pulp, and comes with a wax seal of your choice. You can request flower petals as well.

Price includes Invitation, wax seal, and invitation felted envelope.

Please contact us to discuss larger quantities as we will provide a reduced price for larger orders.

Purely Natural Wedding Stationery

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  • The first thing we do is post you free samples, to make sure you are happy with how the end result will look and feel.

    Then we need the information you would ike on your invitation, colours, and would you like petals, leaves in your paper, and what colour ink and fonts. We email you a number of styles to choose from and it starts from there.

    It all happens very smoothly.... we love getting it just as you like..


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