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Tips for perfect paper

We have been running many workshops far and wide and I am so grateful for the interest that continues to grow with people wanting to recycle and create beautiful hand made paper.

I am often asked for tips for making your paper perfect, so thought I would pop the most common in my blog to share. The most common is getting your paper flat if it has dried with a wave in it.

1. Having smooth flat paper.

Make sure once you have pulled your paper and it is ready to lay flat to dry, that it is rolled flat onto the surface such as smooth laminate, table, glass, any smooth surface. If the paper dries inconsistently, you may get a wave through it. Don't panic, just iron it and then place it in a very heavy book, your paper will be as flat as.

2. Your paper is too thick and folding it is difficult.

Pulling a sheet of paper that is the right thickness takes a little practice, but if you have made paper and it is quite think and you are wanting to fold it into cards, score the paper before folding it. You don't need a scorer, you just need a ruler and a bone folder, or even the end of a teaspoon handle to score down beside the ruler where you want the paper to fold.

Scoring paper when folding stops any cracking or bending in the wrong direction when folding.

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