I'm Susan and I am a lover of all things paper and founder of

Born In Paper!

I think it's fair to say that my obsession for the beautiful textures, colours, even the smell, has quite literally been ingrained in me since birth. My father was a passionate printer and founded the local newspaper, The Byron News, starting it from a small town local paper to a thriving print production. From a new born being rocked to sleep by the hum of the Heidelberg Letterpress, to playing with long shreds of paper, to a teenager where my passion for paper only grew.

That little seed that was planted in my childhood has begun to bloom, and I wish to share this passion with others through Born In Paper. Nestled in the hinterland of Byron Bay, I offer workshops that will bring people together through the process of recycling office waste and bring it to life in the form of personalised journals, Wedding Invitations suites that are as individual as you like, colours to match your day, wedding guest books, cards and gift tags, the possibilities are endless.

Visit my shop online to view our DIY Paper Making Kits and book binding basics or let us do it for you.

So lets get pulping, gotta love paper.

Love Susan. 

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