These A5 kits, will get you making your own hand made paper in no time. This Mould and Deckle Paper Making Kit made locally from Western Red Cedar, and strong Industrial PVC coated nylon mesh that makes the pulled paper sheet come away easily, pulled tight across your frame.

The set comes in a recycled fabric bagwith a pack of raw cotton and calendula flowers and dried rose buds to add to your paper pulp to add textures, just to get you thinking about what else you can add and see how flowers have natural dye in them. You get 3 pages of instructions with your kit to help you to start your paper making venture and Born In Paper samples. 

The kits come in A4 and A5.

For tips and ideas about making great sheets of paper, head to our Blog page. 

Please allow 3-5 business days for postage.

Paper Making Mould and Deckle Kits A5


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