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A5 Red Cedar Mould and Deckle Paper Making Kits

A5 Red Cedar Mould and Deckle Paper Making Kits


Proudly Aussie made right here in Byron Bay. Our A5 Mould and Deckles, are made locally from sustainably grown Red Cedar. Why Red Cedar, well it likes water, just like the Maxi yachts, and is the start of making your paper. Our kits are a quality product, made to last, far greater than cheaper options.

With strong Industrial PVC coated nylon mesh that makes the pulled paper sheet come away easily, pulled tight across your frame.

The kit comes with

  • Pack of raw cotton so you can add threads of the raw cotton in with your paper pulp.
  • Three types of dried flowers in each kit, calendula flowers, dried rose buds and cornflowers to add to your paper pulp to add textures, just to get you thinking about what else you can add and see how the flowers have natural dye in them.
  • You also get couching cloths, for taking water from your paper which you wring out and keep using over and over, these cloths are used for all your paper.
  • 3 pages of instructions with pictures with your kit.
  • All bundled in a calico bag, then packed into a box filled with paper ready for your first batch. 

Of course, you will need your own supply of waste paper to recycle, envelopes, paper bags, cardboard,  and something to make the pulp, to find out more head to our Blog page or check out our tutorial on our YouTube channel "Born In Paper"

The Mould and Deckles come in A4 and A5. 

For tips and ideas about making great sheets of paper, head to our Blog page or Instagram TV page.


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