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Hand made paper and Calligraphy

Hand Made Paper and Calligraphy.

So many people wonder if you can use your favourite pens on hand made paper, and the simple answer is yes you can.

Using office waste to make hand made paper, even when flowers, cotton and grasses are added, still has the chemicals and everything that was put in it originally as office stationery, so when it is pulped down it still contains those properties, and perfect for calligraphy.

The only thing you need to be sure of, is to flatten your paper with a lot of pressure when you make it. Each time a sheet is pulled, ensure that you press it using a lot of pressure to flatten it, or roll it once dry. This take the air out of the particles in the paper, making it flat and smooth for your treasured calligraphy messages.

If you are making paper with a lot of plant matter in it, I use the gel from Aloe Vera plants to add in the pulp, as the plant has a natural latex property, feels good too.

Happy paper making.

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