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Drying your paper and embossing.

Once you have couched your paper, it is time to lay it flat to dry. You can lay it on a piece of corflute, laminated board, a smooth surface to roll, and once rolled flat, you can even emboss it using blocks like this one, or ferns, leaves, anything that can emboss the wet paper.

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04 de fev. de 2021

Hi Rochelle and so glad it arrived go Aust Post, that is pretty fast.

You can emboss with anything that can leave an indentation, so try the stamps, the back of leaves with thick veins, gum leaves etc. Re colours, add anything you have, from spices, coloured scrap paper, the coloured raffia, or dyes. If you sprinkle powdered dye, use gloves, just use a little in the blender.. I will do a little clip on that one...but try anything you have.. Hope that helps..


03 de fev. de 2021

Hi. I just got my kit yesterday and it's beautiful and so well presented. Thank you. I wanted to know, can I use craft stamps and stencils to emboss my paper do you think? Also how do you tint the paper?

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