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What you need to make Paper

I like to encourage you to use what you may have in the home already... the only extra you need is something to make pulp. You can soak paper scraps in hot water, then when cool mix with a paint mixer attached to a drill, but a Kmart $25 or a Target $29 blender are great. In the kits there are 3 pages of instructions and pictures, sample of cotton and dried flowers and a couching cloth. This list below is from that information and may help give you an idea as to what you need. The other thing I would suggest, if you head to my Blog page on the website, you should be able to see 2 video clips (only short), where you can see how I lay it out and what I use.

What you need: · Your Born In Paper Kit and a good work area that is not cluttered. · Shredded office waste, or any scrap torn paper that is rubbish. · Tub - use a plastic tub large enough for your Mould and Deckle · Absorbent cloths to absorb water for couching · A large sponge · A roller, a rolling pin, and old silicon tube or a foam covered · An area to lay your wet paper flat such as a piece of corflute, ply, pieces of old laminated boards or a bench top. There is more information in the instructions about how to use each of these, but this is a list to start.

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