Proudly made in Byron Bay. An Envelope Paper Making Mould and Deckle and the A5 Mould and Deckle. Made locally from sustainably grown Red Cedar, a timber that can handle being in water as much as it is when making paper, and strong Industrial PVC coated nylon mesh that makes the pulled paper sheet come away easily, tight across your frame.

The envelope you will make will have a Euro fold flap. 

C6 Envelope size is 114 cm x 162cm.

The set comes with dried flowers and raw cotton to add to your paper pulp to add textures, just to get you thinking about what else you can add. You also receive envelope instructions with your kit.

The A5 kit comes as described in the A5 listing.

For more tips and ideas about making great sheets of paper, head to our Blog page. 

Please allow 5 business days to prepare the order for postage. 

Special Bundle - A5 plus C6 Envelope Deckles