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Wedding Floral Preservation, Handmade Papers,  Artworks and more!

Beautiful Handmade Papers, Pressed Flowers, Artwork, we create for you.

We create a range of handmade papers for all occasions, stationery, weddings and excited to now offer beautiful pressed floral artwork pieces. We always have created floral artwork, and now offering beautifully framed works of art, of Preserved Flower Bouquets, all on our handmade papers. Get in touch to learn more.

Papers - We prepare pulp for all our handmade paper products, then add flowers, grasses, colour and raw cotton, making hand made paper that is full of character, and so different from anything else, and each piece completely unique.


 We've been making stunning handmade paper items for over 8 years.

Browse through our gallery below, or chat with us about your own idea. 

For an estimated guide to costs, get in touch and we will email it to you.

Explore the textures and shadows of our Handmade Paper Stationery and Artworks. 



Looking for a special stationery, one that you know has been made just as you wish.


Contact us for a quote on a custom order. Seeded papers, petals, naturals or keep it simple with stunning whites

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Pressed Flowers, Bouquets and Handmade Paper

We are so happy to offer one off pieces of pressed flower artwork on our handmade papers.


After years of pressing so many flowers we will create beautiful works of art, using the flowers from your special event floral bouquet. 

Handmade Paper Goodness 
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