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Stationery, Lights and Creations that are all one of a kind

Stationery, Invitations suites, lampshade, lights, and Paper Bowls, we create for you.

We have created a range of one off pieces that we have in our online store, however, you may wish to order something just for you.

We prepare pulp for all our handmade paper products, then add flowers, grasses, colour and raw cotton, making hand made paper that is full of character, and so different from anything else, and each piece completely unique.


 We've been hand making stunning paper items for over 6 years.

Browse through our gallery below, or chat with us about your own idea. 

For an estimated guide to costs, get in touch and we will email it to you.

So... When it comes to having something special, we've got you covered.



We will custom make a lampshade made from one large piece of handmade paper, using textures and colours that you like. 

You may like all naturals, or twines, florals or jute through the paper. 

The paper is then attached to quality heat proof lampshade backing.

These lampshades are all unique to us, making the light so incredibly beautiful.



Looking for a special stationery, one that you know has been made just as you wish.


Contact us for a quote on a custom order. Seeded papers, petals, naturals or keep it simple with stunning whites


Journals, Guest Books, and more

Our books and journals are all made by us. Envelopes to love, seeded papers and more.


Handmade paper made pages, covers, all eco friendly recycled clean office shreds turned into beautiful products.


No limit to ideas

Threefold: This is a beautiful way to have your invitation unraveled with all the details inside.

With the details printed inside, or on a soft layer of paper inside, these are pretty, then wrap your invitation up with string, or seal it with wax, on its own or embossed, it is a real statement.

Menus - In any shape, colour, and natural florals to enhance your table setting.

Photo for Display Advert - Born In Paper


That special touch to your stationery

  • Embossed edge: Available on any design from our selection. 

  • Magnetic tab on back: If you’d like people to pop "that special date" on the fridge.

  • Wax seals: The heart says it all, sealed with wax is very special.

  • Belly bands: A range of options from fabric, recycled kraft paper, to thread and string.

  • Flowers in your pulp: Choose flowers of your choice and they will be added into the pulp when your paper is made for your invites.

Handmade Paper Goodness