When you prepare pulp for handmade paper, then add flowers, grasses, colour and raw cotton, you make hand made paper that is full of character, and so different from anything else, as each piece is never the same as the other…. once it is dried, it has a life of it’s own…

Nothing beats invitations made from hand made paper, and any idea you have, we will work with it, provide a quote and send a free sample of what you want before you proceed. For a guide to costs hit the contact button and we will email it to you.

Hand Made Paper, why it feels so good.

So what's what?

An overlay, is when you have two layers of paper, one being slightly larger than the other, usually having more details than the other. One piece may be filled with your favourite flowers or embossed. You can have wax seals, string or simply attached. 

These flat or folded invites are beautiful. Remember you can fill your papers will grass, flowers, or keep it simple stunning whites. 

Three fold - this is a beautiful way to have your invitation unraveled with all the details inside.

With the details printed inside, or on a soft layer of paper inside, these are pretty, then wrap your invitation up with string, or seal it with wax, on it’s own or embossed, it is a real statement.

Menus - In any shape, colour and natural florals to enhance your table setting.

Envelopes and Place Cards.

We make matching envelopes and place cards, thank you’s and favour boxes, all from hand made paper that matches your theme, or you may like to have pre-made envelopes, we have white, cream and kraft coloured envelopes that match the handmade paper beautifully.

Additions : That special touch to your invitations.

  • Embossed edge no matter what design from our selection. 

  • Magnetic tab on back - if you’d like people to pop "that special date" on the fridge.

  • Wax seals - the heart says it all sealed with wax is very special.

  • Belly bands - a range of options from fabric, recycled kraft paper, to thread and string.

  • Flowers in your pulp - choose flowers of your choice and it will be added into the pulp when your paper is made for your invites.

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